Tehran (IP): Minister of Science Research and Technology said that transferring In-person learning to E-learning without any previous experience was a huge evolution.

Iran PressIran News: Delivering a speech in the opening ceremony of universities, Mansour Gholami said that the previous education year that we passed was considerable and full of steps taken by Higher Education of the Country.

He went on to say that in E-learning we did not have great differences with the world, but to keep the quality great endeavor is needed.

To achieve this goal, we had great supports, but more is required to empower out potentials and capacities, he added.

Higher Education of the Country is one of our capitals which can help the nation to pass difficulties even in the economic field, he concluded.

Health minister Saeed Namaki in this ceremony also said that our medical universities have had an active role in the last seven months in fighting the coronavirus pandemic and all medical university students stood with people in this regard.

Referring to the fact that even-aged professors acted in fighting the coronavirus pandemic, the minister said that medical universities were active round the clock, he noted.

Although sever sections were imposed on us, we created a great epic that our enemies declared that no patient in Iran stood behind the door of the hospitals, he concluded.

The opening ceremony of universities in Iran was held on Sunday morning in the virtual presence of president Hasan Rouhani and with the minister of science research and technology Mansour Gholami, Health minister Saeed Namaki in attendance at Tehran University.


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