Tehran (IP) - The speaker of Iran's parliament Ali Larijani has thanked and praised the Iranian people for their massive turnout in International Quds Day demonstrations and rallies which scuppered the plots and conspiracies of the Zionist regime and its supporters.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaker of Iran's Majlis Ali Larijani said the massive presence of people on Quds Day scuppered the enemy plots and exposed the "Deal of the Century" as the "Fiasco of the Century".

Speaking in the open session of the Majlis on Sunday morning, Larijani said: "If anyone wants to solve the Palestinian problem in a democratic way, then the Leader of the Islamic Revolution has shown the way. All Palestinians, whether Muslim, Christian, or Jew, including Palestinian refugees from outside of Palestine, should take part in a referendum to decide what sort of a government they want, and how they want to run their country. Ultimately they would have to decide about immigrant Jews in Palestine and what to do with them.

Commenting on domestic issues Larijani said: "Standing up to the arrogant powers is the best option for Iran. The most important duty of the government and parliament is to create jobs, and protect the independence of this country." 

  In further remarks Larijani said the price of housing should be more affordable and plans are being considered for building one million new affordable homes.

Commenting on earlier remarks by French president Emmanuel Macron, Ali Larijnai said Macron's remarks were unprofessional and the French President will be better off if he heeded the demands of his own people, particularly the Yellow Vest protesters who pour onto French streets every week.

Larijani also praised Iraq for the sensible stance it adopted at the recent Mecca summit in Saudi Arabia.   211/213

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