Dec 08, 2018 07:36 Asia/Tehran

US president, Donald Trump confirmed he will nominate William Barr for attorney general and Heather Nauert as the new US ambassador to the United Nations.

Iran pressAmerica:  "She's very talented, very smart, very quick, and I think she's going to be respected by all," Trump said Friday before departing the White House for an event in Kansas City, Missouri.

If she is confirmed by the Senate, Nauert, a former Fox News Channel reporter who had little foreign policy experience before becoming State Department spokeswoman, will replace Nikki Haley, CNN reported.

Haley, a former South Carolina governor, announced in October that she would step down at the end of this year.

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Also on Friday, president Trump nominated William P. Barr, a skeptic of the Russia investigation who served as attorney general in the first Bush administration a quarter century ago, to return as head of the Justice Department.

Barr, 68, would become the nation’s top law enforcement official as Donald Trump and his associates are under investigation by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, for whether they conspired with the Russian government to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.  Barr would oversee the inquiry as key aspects of it are coming to a close.

Barr has also defended Trump's calls for a new criminal investigation into his defeated 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton, including over a uranium mining deal the Obama administration approved when she was secretary of state.  101/211 /202

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