Jan 13, 2019 13:18 Asia/Tehran
  • ISIS Terrorist Group
    ISIS Terrorist Group

A Tunisian court in the capital Tunis on Friday sentenced 41 ISIS terrorists to death, with only two of them in custody and 39 others currently at large.

Iran Press/Africa:  A branch of ISIS terrorists attacked a Tunisian military border post, close to the border with Algeria, in 2014 killing 15 members of the security forces.

Tunisian courts continue to issue death sentences despite no executions being carried out since 1991, Iran Press News Agency reported.

The gun and rocket launcher assault on army positions in July 2014 left 15 troops dead in the Mount Chaambi area of the western Kasserine region that remains a hideout for ISIS terrorist group.

The attack was the deadliest ever terrorist attack against the country's armed forces.

Tunisian armed forces have for the past six years carried out operations to track down wanted terrorists in the area, which was declared a closed military zone in 2014.

Okba Ibn Nafaa, a Tunisia-based division of Al-Qaeda, is also present in the area.

Since Tunisian 2011 revolution, this country has experienced an increase in terrorist attacks that have killed dozens of members of the security forces and at least 59 foreign tourists.

The country has been under a state of emergency since November 2015 to 5 Jan 2019, when an ISIS-claimed suicide bombing in capital Tunis killed 38 including 12 presidential guards. The state of emergency has been extended on several occasions since then.

On November 24, 2015, a terrorist bomb detonated on a presidential guard bus. At least 38 people including 12 policemen were killed.

On Jul 08, 2018, Terrorists have attacked a security check point in Ghar al-Dama distirct of Jandoubeh province in western Tunisia, close to the border with Algeria. 9 Tunisian security forces have been killed and at least one seriously injured in this terror attack.


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