Tehran (IP) - In his address at the 17th International Tourism Exhibition, President Raisi underscored the pivotal role of tourism in driving economic growth for nations.

Iran PressIran news: During his speech at the opening ceremony of the 17th International Tourism Exhibition, Ebrahim Raisi highlighted the significance of tourism as mentioned in the Qur'an.

He emphasized that many countries prioritize the development and promotion of tourism within their regions to bolster their economies.

While showcasing Iran's rich natural and cultural tourism assets, the President stressed the importance of exploring this ancient civilization and its invaluable heritage.

Ebrahim Raisi expressed that Iran must diversify its revenue sources beyond oil, with tourism being a promising avenue.

President Raisi believes that Iran has much to offer visitors, but unfortunately, some are deterred from visiting due to fear-mongering and negative propaganda spread by adversaries.

The President emphasized that stakeholders in the tourism sector must streamline processes for tourists visiting Iran. This includes facilitating transportation, accommodation, and dining services to enhance the overall visitor experience and promote tourism effectively.

He noted that developing tourism can present Iran in a positive light and counteract negative propaganda. In a different segment of his speech, he announced a significant increase in tourism by over 50% this year, with incentives being provided to support the tourism industry.


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