Iran (IP)- The Chief of General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces called comprehensive and lasting security for the Iranian nation an important achievement of the holy defense.

Iran Press/Iran News: In an interview with Iran TV channel 1 on Saturday evening, Major General Mohammad Baqeri stated that the deterrence from the Holy Defense was unprecedented, stressing: "After eight years of holy defense, it became clear that if the enemy started a war against Iran, the enemy cannot decide on its end."

Stating that the formation of the Axis of Resistance, Lebanese Hezbollah Movement, and Ansarullah in Yemen, is the result of holy defense General Baqeri added: "During the 33-day war between the Zionist regime and Hezbollah Movement in Lebanon, the world declared Hezbollah victorious because this movement achieved all it objectives previously announced, but Israel withdrew from the war with many casualties.

The Chief of General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces also referred to the Israeli slogan saying "From the Nile to the Euphrates", reiterating that Israel is now seeking to prove itself in an enclave, and it will soon collapse if US and Western support for the Zionist regime is cut off, and this is the result of the holy defense.

In response to a question about the presence of the Zionist regime in the Persian Gulf after announcing the normalization of relations between some Arab regimes and Tel Aviv, Major General Baqeri said that Iran usually looks at issues related to its neighbors in good faith, but the Islamic Republic will look at these countries differently after normalization of their relations with the Zionist regime.

The Chief of General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces also addressed the Emirati and Bahraini officials, saying that if the Zionists find their way to enter these countries and something happens that would cause the slightest damage to Iran's national security, the Islamic Republic will react in the same way as it does with the enemy.


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