Iran, China emphasize expansion of cooperation and deepening strategic relations

During the meeting of the Iranian Ambassador in Beijing with the Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister, the necessity of expanding bilateral cooperation between the two countries was emphasized.

Iran Press/Asia: "Iranian Ambassador to Beijing Mohammad Keshavarzzadeh during a meeting with Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Deng Li, said: "Iran tends to expand its friendly and strategic relations with China in various fields."

Keshavarzadeh also praised China's support for Iran in the international arena and in countering the Coronavirus pandemic.

Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Deng Li also during the meeting, said: "Together with Iran, China wants to contribute to the stable development of cooperation between the two countries in various dimensions, while implementing a joint understanding between the leaders of the two countries and increasing bilateral exchanges."

The Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister added: "The mutual support of the two countries in the international arena is a sign of friendly relations between Iran and China."


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