Tehran (IP) - Iran's president stressed that through careful observance of Health protocols the new wave of COVID-19 will be prevented.

Iran Press/Iran News: "According to all available scientific evidence, accurate and correct implementation of health protocols is the only way to definitively fight the outbreak of the coronavirus," Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday at a meeting of the specialized committees of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus.

The president added: "National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus has carefully examined the smart social distancing, the necessary instructions to ensure the best health of the people, along with providing suitable conditions for a normal life and established economic and livelihood activities of the people."

Rouhani stated: "In this regard, wherever it was felt that people's lifestyles should be changed, the issue was explained in a persuasive process with providing information for the people, and at the same time the necessary instructions were carefully recommended by experts in accordance with the standards."


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