May 17, 2018 20:17 Asia/Tehran

The Palestinian ambassador to Tehran, Salah Al-Zawawi, in an interview with Iran Press, has emphasized that the city of al-Quds is the capital of Palestine, and all Palestinians regard this city as their capital.

In an exclusive interview  with Iran press, Salah Al-Zawawi , the Palestinian ambassador to Tehran,  congratulated the Leader of the Islamic revolution, and all Iranian people and  officials  on the start of the blessed fasting month of Ramadhan.

Talking about the historical origins of Nakba Day (May 15) he described it as a part of an American project starting from  1948  which led to evacuation of Palestinians  from their homeland, and their replacement by Zionist migrants.  Thus, the Israeli regime was created on the land of Palestine, with  the Palestinians being expelled from their homeland.

He remembered those bitter days so well when he was just a child.  He was evacuated, along with his brothers and sisters, and all members of his family, from their beloved land of Palestine.

While calling Nakba day ,a sad day for all  Palestinians, Zawawi emphasized  that although   some people believe  that the younger generation of Palestinians  would forget Palestine, today, every body is  witnessing even small children are fighting against the Zionist enemy,  demonstrating and protesting  in the Gaza strip,  in the city of al-Quds and in the West Bank of the river Jordan.

Zawawi continued by saying:  "We are still alive. We are about 13 million people one part of us is  still  in Palestine ,fighting in its  own  way against US  Zionist project,  and the others are still in West Bank ,Gaza strip as well as all around the world."

He went on to stress the fact that Palestinians will never forget Palestine. This is our homeland, our own Palestinian state, and Quds , is not just a sacred capital city, but rather  it is the national capital to all Palestinians.

Being asked about the future plan of the Palestinians in fighting against Israel the Palestinian ambassador referred  to different measure including the diplomatic ones followed through the international bodies like United Nations and using all available  means and tools in this way ."we are also  asking  the  Palestinian nation living in the Islamic world to join us in our war with those criminal people " Zawawi said.

He also expressed hope that someday the Palestinians could achieve  independence .

"We are  the real owners of Palestine  as our history clearly shows", he warned.

Talking about they way the other Islamic countries could help Palestinian people he referred to the importance of al-Quds  as the important  national capital not just for the Palestinians  but also as a scared one for Muslims as well as the Christians he said that all Muslims and Christians should join each other at the end  of hi swords zawawi while referring  to the great efforts  of the Late Imam Khomeini (Rh)and that of Ayatollah Khamenei which  has changed Iran  under Shah which was Palestine's enemy  to the country whose main goal is to liberate Palestine.