May 16, 2018 07:38 Asia/Tehran

Pro-Palestine protesters around the World reacted with anger at the Israeli regime's massacring of at least 60 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Greece: The Israeli flag was torched at a pro-Palestine protest rally in Athens.

Scores of angry protesters gathered in front of the US and Israeli embassies in Athens on Tuesday, to show their solidarity with the Palestinian people on 'Nakba Day.'

Protesters climbed atop police vans and waved Palestinian flags while chanting slogans such as 'Free Palestine'. A group of protesters were seen burning the Israeli flag at the demo.

Protesters gathered in front of the US embassy and marched towards the Israeli embassy where the demonstration concluded.

Belgium: 'Stop the Gaza massacre' protest tense in Brussels

Pro-Palestine protesters condemned the Israeli military's use of deadly force during the 'Great March of Return', in a demonstration outside Brussels' Central railway station on Tuesday.

The point of greatest tension came when a presumed supporter of Israel made his way through the crowd. Police were deployed to prevent protesters from entering the station. The protest was organised by Belgian peace organisations in association with the Palestinian community.

Belgium summoned its Israeli envoy to meetings on Tuesday, a day after Israeli troops fired across a border fence martyring 60 Palestinians, according to the Gaza health ministry.

Turkey: Palestinian supporters beat Trump effigy to a pulp

An effigy of US President Donald Trump was ripped to shreds at a pro-Palestine demonstration in Diyarbakir, south-eastern Turkey, on Tuesday.

The protest was called to denounce the relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem-Al-Quds. International condemnation followed recent bloodshed at the border fence, when Israeli fire killed 60 Palestinians, according to the Gaza health ministry.

The Turkish government asked the Israeli ambassador to temporarily leave the country in protest. Israel does not release figures and denies suggestions it uses excessive force.

Nakba, means 'Catastrophe' in Arabic and refers to the 1948 Palestinian exodus, where an estimated 700,000 Palestinians were expelled to make way for the newly created Israeli regime.




PROTESTS HAVE been organised by anti-war and pro-Palestinian campaigners in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London after Monday (14 May) saw Israeli troops launch their most fatal attack on Palestinians in four years.  

At least 60 Palestinians were martyred in the attack in Gaza on Monday by the Israeli military using snipers and other forms of deadly fire, and Palestinian officials say that around 2,700 more were injured. The massacre coincided with the controversial opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem-Al-Quds , previously based in Tel Aviv, and with the 70th anniversary of the Israeli declaration of independence.


Thousands of Yemeni people have taken to the streets of the capital Sana’a to strongly condemn Israel's massacre of unarmed Palestinian demonstrators along the Gaza border, vowing to remain united with the Palestinian people against the atrocities of the Tel Aviv regime.

Carrying banners and Palestinian flags, demonstrators convened at the Bab al-Yaman Square in the capital on Tuesday afternoon, chanting slogans against the occupying regime. They shouted “Death to Israel, Death to the US, and Long live the Palestine.”

They also said that the Palestinian cause, which must never be forgotten, is present in the conscience of the Yemeni people despite the brutal aggression that Yemen has been subjected by a US-baked Saudi-led military coalition since 2015.