May 15, 2019 14:49 Asia/Tehran

Bandar Abbas (IP) - Shahid Bahonar Port in Bandar Abbas, in southern Iran, plays a major role in export and transit of goods and commodities, and thus it has been a prime candidate for further development.

Iran Press/Iran news: Hamid Reza Mohammad-Husseini, the managing director of Port and Maritime Organization of Shahid Bahonar confirmed that the area of the port has been extended to 378000 square metres.

According to an Iran Press report, the port itself is one of the oldest in Hormozgan province, and it is a multi-purpose port. It serves as a main hub for export and transit of goods in southern Iran.

Shahid Bahonar port has easy access to the high seas and the ocean, it is close to the Persian Gulf littoral states, and well connected to the north-south corridor. Thus it is considered a strategic commercial port of southern Iran.

Shahid Bahonar port is ideally located for transit of goods and commodities to Turkey, Russia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Iraq, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan.101/211

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