Mar 14, 2019 12:57 Asia/Tehran

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has emphasized that with God's grace, Iran will deliver the heaviest defeat in US history to the Americans.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking on Thursday morning in a meeting with the chairman and members of the Assembly of Experts, Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized that America is our real enemy and that in studying and understanding our enemy, we shall make no mistakes.

Commenting further the Leader said: "Faced with a maximum effort by the enemy, we must also maximize our efforts, and use every means available to us, and mobilize our volunteer forces to the maximum extent, and use all of our resources and capabilities."

According to an Iran Press report, quoting the Leader's official website, Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized on how to deal with day-to-day challenges, events, incidents, and circumstances both positive and negative. He said there were eleven 'dual possibilities' which needed to be considered carefully.

Elaborating further the Leader said: "Sometimes we adopt an active approach towards challenges, events, and incidents. In such cases, we actively seek solutions to problems. But at other times, we may adopt a passive approach towards challenges, events, and incidents, characterized by a lack of response, lack of movement on our part, and we simply complain and do nothing."

In further comments, the Leader said we can respond to challenges, events, and incidents in either a disheartened fashion or in a hopeful manner. He said another way we can respond to challenges, events, and incidents is through a reactive response or taking-the-initiative response.

The Leader said if we respond reactively, we are responding to earlier enemy moves and provocations. But if we take the initiative, we can have the upper hand, and we can hit the enemy when and where he least expects it.

In further remarks, Ayatollah Khamenei said another 'dual possibility' when dealing with challenges, events, and incidents is a comprehensive look at threats and opportunities, as opposed to a one-sided look at just threats, or a one-sided look at just opportunities. The Leader added in relation to the United States and its hostility towards Iran, we can just look at threats only or opportunities only, or we can look at both threats and opportunities, and each one of these has its own consequences and repercussions.