Nov 11, 2018 13:23 Asia/Tehran

The director-general of IRIB, Abdulali Ali-Asgari has said the stronger and richer the identity of a nation, the more resilient it will be against a cultural assault.

Iran news: In an interview with Iran Press on Sunday, the head of IRIB emphasized the importance of the identity of a nation, and said Iran's national broadcaster (IRIB) is working hard to boost and promote the national identity, and supporting a rich variety of indigenous cultures within the country.

Elaborating further Ali-Asgari said: "As far as boosting the national identity is concerned, we have taken some good steps in this regard. Research studies, conferences and exchange of ideas all help to produce better television and radio programmes, including political, economic and social programmes."

Ali-Asgari added: "Social issues don't just reflect society, they reflect more than that, they reflect economic and political issues as well. They reflect all aspects of society. Valuable research studies carried out within IRIB on a whole range of social issues, phenomena, etc. Over the years, have provided rich material for film-makers and television and radio producers who have expertly used this research to produce first class thought-provoking television and radio programmes, dealing with a range of interesting social issues."  211/103 

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