Aug 08, 2018 18:59 Asia/Tehran

Spokesperson of the parliament's commission on national security and foreign policy ,Dr Sayyed Hosein Naghavi Hoseini stressed that FATF is as Leader said a product of Capitalism and global arrogance not suitable for the Iranian society .


 Iran press/Iran : Spokesperson of the parliament's commission on national security and foreign policy  ,  Naghavi Hoseini  in an exclusive interview with Iran press international news agency  described FATF (Financial Action Task Force )as an international group which prescribes   the countries all around the world with guidelines .These recommendations   as Naghavi says  then  are going to be ratified in the related parliaments  so that all of the FATF recommendations  would be met .

He went on to say the some  of the FATF  40 recommendations   which are considered as  the most well known all around the world  have been studied in Iran as well and 4 of them have been delivered to Majlis and 2 of them have been ratified by Majlis and they  are to be studied by I ran's Guardian Council to be finally approved.

However ,Spokesperson of the parliament's commission on national security and foreign policy further explained  that according  to Leader's  guidelines  which has described FATF recommendations  as the product of  Capitalism and global arrogance, the  best thing to do is that  parliamentarians themselves   create the best version of   financial guidelines which suits Iranian society the most,  including  the positive points and excluding  the potential  weak points   hence those FATF related cases will never be finally approved.

Naghavi also stressed the fact that due to US sanctions being  in FATF black list does not really matter .  

 On June 20,2018 Ayatollah Khamenei in a meeting with Iranian lawmakers and parliamentarians  slammed global powers for making conventions that would only serve their own interests and held: "The country members of these conventions have no role in creating them. The global powers prepare these conventions based on their own interests and benefits. Then, allied, submissive, compliance countries enact these conventions in their, countries.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution stressed that Iran has no problem accepting conventions that bring about laws of stability and fighting corruptions while preserving its own independence. His Eminence added: When an independent state, like the Islamic Republic of Iran, rejects them, it is reproached by saying, ‘150 other countries have accepted the agreement, why wouldn’t you accept it?’ Some of these conventions have useful articles; no problem.

The solution is that the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis) itself enact these articles as laws. For instance, a law for combating money laundering or a law for combating terrorism can be enacted. We should not accept things when we don’t know their eventual consequences, while we know the potential problems, for the sake of some positive aspects."

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