May 16, 2018 21:38 Asia/Tehran

Iran's minister of information and communications technology announced that new development in Farsi web based content is about to be unveiled.

In an interview with Iran press, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, minister of information and communications technology said:  "One of the most important  features that has been emphasized at the time of development of Iran's national information technology initiative is to develop the Persian language as well as Persian writing system. This is also one of our  objectives (missions)  within the realm of cyber space.

Azari Jahromi continued by saying:  "Furthermore the very mission of Sa'di Foundation has been focused on developing the Persian language all across the world and it has taken some remarkable steps in this regard. Hence of the main topics noticed by the organizers of this foundation is  to use  technology and  related tools to develop Persian language and teaching it  at international level."

 Referring to increasing number of people who are interested in travelling  to Iran to visit our unique historical and archaeological monuments in places like Persepolis in Shiraz , Isfahan, Tabriz, and the holy shrines like  Imam Reza's Holy Shrine ( in Mashhad), Azari Jahromi emphasized the need to make sure tourists get to learn more about Farsi, the language of their destination, so that they can communicate  with  the native people  to some extent, and to get by.

Talking  about the effective steps taken by Sa'di foundation through publication of textbooks designed to teach English language for  the people  all around the world, the minster hoped that Farsi language web based content would grow substantially in months tom come, through closer cooperation between the Sa'di foundation and the ministry of Information and Communications Technology.

Azari Jahromi's remarks were made at a special ceremony marking the 6th anniversary of  establishment of the  Sa'di foundation. The event was held on "National Persian Language Day", and a software package for teaching Persian (or Farsi ) was also unveiled.