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  • Iran gov. obliged to protest the US action against IRGC in intl. bodies
    Iran gov. obliged to protest the US action against IRGC in intl. bodies

Iranian parliament approved a bill contains several articles regarding actions to be taken on the US move against Iran's IRGC.

Iran Press/ Iran news: The open session of the Iranian parliament (Majlis) was held on Tuesday, and in the session Iranian MPs obliged the government to confess to the international authorities regarding the US move to call IRGC a terrorist organization.

According to the article 9 of the bill that was ratified by the MPs, the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is obliged to legal action in protest to the US move to name IRGC as a terrorist organization, Iran Press reported.

The article read: "Through bilateral and multilateral negotiations with countries and consulting with international bodies and organizations, the government should take the necessary measures to neutralize the US action in violating the immunity of the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Iran's defensive governance."

The bill was approved by 162 for, 6 against and 2 abstain out of a total of 204 MPs were present in the session.

In this session, the MPs approved the article 6 of the bill on counteraction to announcing the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps as a terrorist organization by the US, asking Iran's foreign ministry to try to shut down the American bases in the region.

Out of the 206 MPs which were present in the voting, 157 voted for, 4 voted against and 3 abstained.

According to the article 6 of the bill, the foreign ministry of Iran, by using its legal, political and diplomatic capabilities, should work for the closure of American bases in the region and put and to the US benefit from facilities, equipment, financial resources and other probable help of the region's countries.

Also at today's meeting, article 4 of the mentioned bill was approved by the MPs by 181 voted for, 5 voted against and 4 abstain out of the total 209 were present.

The article calls the Ministry of Intelligence to provide the list of commanders of the US Central Command (CENTCOM) and the institutions under its command that are known ad terrorists' supporters.

The Judicial system of Iran should establish a mechanism within a maximum of three months after the adoption of this law to bring the declared names to the bar of justice.

Article 4 was also ratified by 181 MPs voted in favor, 5 voted against and 4 abstain out of the total 209 were present in the voting.

At this meeting also the armed forces were obliged to counter the US actions against Iran in the requested time.

According to the related article (article 3) which was passed by 166 MPs out of the 209 MPs present voted for, 9 voted against and 6 abstain, the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the armed forces of the country should act in such a way that prevent US forces to use any means and facilities against the interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

On the other hand, according to article 5, the government was also obliged to legally support all people related to the IRGC.

The article was ratified by 176 vote in favor, 3 votes against and 2 abstain out of a total 207 MPs present in the session.


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