Apr 03, 2018 08:41 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Apr 15, 2019 09:10 Asia/Tehran]
  • US says drone strike kills 5 militants in Somalia

The United States military says it has killed five militants by a drone strike in Somalia.

The US Africa Command (Africom) confirmed that the airstrike was launched near al-Bur, according to various reports on Monday.

A vehicle carrying senior officials with the al-Shabab militant group was reportedly targeted and a woman was among the dead.

While the militant group has not officially commented on the report, media outlets close to al-Shabab reported that two civilians were killed.

The US, meanwhile, claimed that no civilians were killed in the strike.

Since last year when President Donald Trump approved expanded military efforts against the group, the US military has launched more than a dozen drone strikes against it.

Washington claims that it coordinates such drone strikes with the Somali government.