Rasht (IP) - Siahdarvishan wetland, located in Someh-Sara city, about 23 km from Rasht city, the capital of Gilan province, northern Iran, is among the scenic beauties of the province.

Iran PressIran News: Due to its location on the southern edge of Anzali Wetland, the city of Someh-Sara annually receives migratory birds, which is also of great international importance and attracts a large number of international tourists and biologists every year.

Siahdarvishan wetland welcomes tourists and fishing enthusiasts during the week and on weekends.

There are 40 rivers flowing in Gilan province, of which 10 small and large rivers flow in Someh-Sara, and all of them originate from the heights of Masal and Fooman and flow into "Siahdarvishan" wetland.


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