The spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran (AEOI) reiterated that if the Europeans honour their commitments based on JCPOA, then Iran will not reduce its commitments based on article 26 of JCPOA.

Iran Press/ Iran news: Behrouz Kamalvandi said that based on Iran's need for 3.67 percent enriched Uranium, the country has different scenarios for increasing the level of enrichment from 3.67 percent to 20 percent.

According to Iran Press, Kamalvandi added during the visit from the Arak heavy water complex: "after announced 60 days, our authorities will make a proper decision in this regard."

AEOI spokesman continued: "Due to the good service and maintenance of Arak heavy water complex, we have the capability of produce more than 130 tons' heavy water at this site."

"US claims to close Iranian heavy water factory by forcing other countries to not buying Iranian heavy water, for selling heavy water, but we have our clients, and we have the ability of producing other derivatives from heavy water with added value inside the country," Kamalvandi said.

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He recommended Europeans not to waste time, because Iranian nuclear industry going fast forward.

Kamalvandi added: "if Europeans take practical measures to reduce the effect of US sanctions, then Iranian authorities will make proper decision to not reduce their commitments of JCPOA."

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He pointed out: "if Europeans won't do their commitment, we will reduce our commitment in producing up to 300 Kg UF6 and selling the heavy water product more than 1300 tons based on article 26 of JCPOA."  213/211/207

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