Russian Ambassador to Iran said the US military buildup in the region was quite unnecessary because Iran doesn't pose any threat for regional countries.

Iran Press/Iran News: Levan Dzhagaryan in an exclusive interview with Press TV said allegations that Iran has recently been purposely ratcheting up tensions in the Middle East are baseless," as some regional countries are following up on the American narrative that the Islamic Republic is actively seeking confrontation."

"We are deeply concerned with the current situation in the Persian Gulf right now and we are now in contact with both sides... as well as other countries in the region to calm down the tensions," Russian Ambassador to Iran said.

He said the US military buildup in the region was quite unnecessary, arguing that Iran "doesn't pose any threat for regional countries."

Negotiations without humiliating preconditions

The Russian envoy said the tensions could only be settled once the two sides agree to negotiate without "humiliating" preconditions and on "equal levels".

He ruled out allegations that Iran was behind the recent mysterious attacks against several vessels near the Emirati oil terminal of al-Fujairah.

"I do believe that in the current situation Iran is not interested in benefiting from such cases," he said, adding, "such accusations against Iran which we hear time to time, are ... baseless," Dzhagaryan added.

"We have already heard such accusations based on highly likely, probably, evidently and maybe," he said.

"Please clarify the situation and put all pieces of evidence on the table otherwise such accusations are baseless," the Russian envoy noted.

He said no country had contacted Moscow for help in getting to the bottom of the issue.

'Nuclear deal signatories must work to save it'

The envoy said Moscow regretted US President Donald Trump's decision to abandon the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and Washington's pressure on the remaining signatories -- the UK, France, China, Russia, and Germany -- to abandon the agreement.

Dzhagaryan said it was imperative that all parties worked to save the deal and ensure all obligations were fulfilled.

He said Moscow "understands" Tehran's recent decision to cut back its commitments under the accord in protest to the European Union (EU)'s inaction in the face of US pressure.

Dzhagaryan added Russia was ready to join INSTEX, Europe's solution to evade US sanctions in trade with Iran, but the problem was "it doesn't exist".

He said Russia was going to do business with Iran regardless of the US sanctions because it was "independent" and didn't need permission from Washington.

Iran, Russia defeated Daesh

The Russian ambassador said despite Trump's claims, the US and its allies never achieved real progress in their fight against ISIS and the terror group was defeated when Moscow and Tehran intervened upon Syria's request.

"Thanks to Russia and Iran, we managed to keep the legitimate government of [President] Bashar al-Assad in the Syrian Arab Republic and right now only our military presence -- I mean Iran and Russia -- is legal," he continued.


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