Apr 12, 2019 18:08 Asia/Tehran

Tehran's interim Friday prayers leader, called the US as the main terror force in the region, described the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corpse (IRGC), the source for power and blessing for Iran, region and the Islamic world.

Iran Press/ Iran News: Mohammad Hassan Abu Torabi Fard said that IRGC is popular, grass root organization and source for blessing in Iran and all regional and Islamic countries.

In the sideline of the rally that was held following the Friday prayers in Tehran to condemn the US move to designate the IRGC a terrorist organization, Abu Torabi Fard said to Iran Press correspondent that today, the US in known as a terrorist force in the Islamic world and terror activities of their military forces in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon is not covert for anyone.

"IRGC as popular and grass root force, is originated from Quran and teachings of Islam and traditions of the Holy Prophet. This force, in its lifetime, was source of power and blessing for people," Abu Torabi Fard continued, saying that "where ever it went; for the people in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and Palestine, IRGC has provided ground to create power and blessing for their people".

Abu Torabi Fard added "IRGC is in the heart and soul of Iranians, people in other Islamic world; and followers of Quran and the Holy Prophet have special respect for it". 105/212


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