Oct 11, 2018 19:04 Asia/Tehran

Fifty seventh fleet of the Iranian Navy consisting of three warships frigates has sailed to the Pakistani port of Karachi, with a "message of friendship and goodwill."

Asia: According to an Iran Press report, a group of senior Pakistani naval commanders and officers, Iran's Consul General in Karachi Ahmed Mohammadi, the deputy Consul General of Iran, and a number of staff and personnel of the Consulate in Karachi, formally welcomed the Iranian navy's 57th fleet as it birthed at the port by attending a special ceremony at a Karachi pier on Wednesday 10 October.

Amir Hosseini Arrani, the top commander of the 57th fleet of the Iranian Navy, described the main purpose of the trip as displaying "the power, strength and capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iranian Navy" and emphasized that this mission will be accomplished through the guidance of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, and by conducting joint naval exercises by the two friendly and brotherly nations of Iran and Pakistan.

Navy Captain Amir Hosseini Arrani said the Iranian Navy's 57th fleet will spend three days in the port of Karachi, and a joint naval exercise will be conducted with the Pakistani Navy over a period of two days.

The joint naval exercises involved rescue and humanitarian missions in free waters, with the two navies exchanging experience, expertise and knowledge in this regard, Arrani said.

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"The two nations regularly hold joint naval exercises in each other's ports" he said, pointing out good relations and cooperation between Iran and Pakistan.

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