May 14, 2019 14:18 Asia/Tehran
  • Senior MP says Israel responsible for suspicious explosions in UAE
    Senior MP says Israel responsible for suspicious explosions in UAE

Tehran (IP) - The spokesman for the Iranian parliament's presiding board has stressed that it seems as if the Israelis were involved in recent suspicious events in the UAE.

Iran Press/Iran news: According to an Iran Press report Behrouz Nemati briefed journalists on the closed-door session of the Majlis on Tuesday morning, saying one of the issues discussed was the recent suspicious events in the United Arab Emirates.

Nemati said it looks as if the Israelis are involved in what has been happening in the United Arab Emirates, and the official view of the Islamic Republic has been expressed by the Foreign Ministry.

The senior MP and spokesman for Majlis presiding board went on to say that the nuclear issue and the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (JCPOA) were also discussed by MPs, as well as the 60-day period which Europe has to honour its promises and commitments under the JCPOA. Namati said it is the job of Foreign Ministry diplomats to pursue this matter further.

Commenting further Behrouz Nemati said a number of MPs stressed that assistance to recent flood victims must continue, and it was decided a plan put forward by MPs must be officially handed over to the presiding board of the Majlis, so that further services and assistance is provided to flood victims.

In further remarks Nemati said the government has requested to have a joint session with the Majlis (parliament) and it is hoped that this joint meeting can be arranged in the coming week.