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  • Film directed by Iranian lady sweeps six awards at Fajr Film Festival
    Film directed by Iranian lady sweeps six awards at Fajr Film Festival

The film ‘Night of the Full Moon’ directed by talented female director, Narges Abyar, has swept six major Simorgh awards, including the Golden Simorgh for best film, at the 37th Fajr Film Festival.

Iran Press/Iran news: According to Iran Press, ‘Night of the Full Moon’ directed by Narges Abyar won this year’s top prize, the Golden Simorgh for best director, best actress and best actor in leading role, best supporting actress and best makeup in 37th Fajr Film Festival.

The film is written by Narges Abyar and Morteza Isfahani, directed by Narges Abyar and produced by Mohammad Hossein Qassemi in 2018 (1397 Iranian calendar).

The movie narrates the real story of Abdul-Hamid Rigi's life, the younger brother of Abdul-Malik Rigi, a notorious terrorist and former leader of the Jundallah terrorist group in southeastern Iran, who marries Faezeh Mansouri, a woman from Tehran. He forces Faezeh to leave Iran and to live in neighbouring Pakistan,  and the story continues.

Iranian director Narges Abyar won multiple awards for
‘Track 143’

Iranian director Narges Abyar had won multiple awards in previous film festivals in Iran as well as abroad. In earlier Fajr Film Festivals, she had won several prizes and awards with her films, ‘Breath’ and ‘Track 143’. 

Narges Abyar won in the Children’s Film Festival Seattle for the 'Breath’

'Breath’ has garnered one of the most important awards of the Children’s Film Festival Seattle (FFS) in the US. This festival ran from January 24 to February 9 at the Northwest Film Forum with 146 fantastic films from 39 countries centering on children and families.

Narges Abyar won this year’s top prize in Fajr Film Festival 

Abyar's films often narrate real stories, or deal with tragic events in Iranian history. Although the films deal with tragic events, her sensitive human approach evokes powerful emotions and wins over audiences, critics and jurors alike. Her films are impressive because of the human angle and the way the storyline is developed.

103/ 211 /209/104

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