Feb 11, 2019 09:36 Asia/Tehran

Iranian parliamentarian Mostafa Kavakebian said on Monday that Iranians participate in the 11 February rallies to prove their loyalty to the Islamic revolution, and revolutionary causes and values.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iranian politician and MP representing Tehran in the parliament (Majlis), Mostafa Kavakebian in an exclusive interview with Iran Press talked about the excitement and emotions of the Iranian people in 11 February rallies and marches. Kavakebian said despite the cold weather millions of Tehranis are pledging their allegiance with the causes and values of the Islamic Revolution.

Tehran parliamentarian explained further that the Iranian nation also wants 'Unbalanced Trump' to know that the more he threatens and pressures Iran, the more determined the Iranian people become in their backing and support for the Islamic revolution.

Stating the fact that in the last four decades, Iran has never attacked any country, Kavakebian added that the Islamic Iran has always backed regional countries, such as Iraq and Syria, which have been attacked by terrorists and aggressors.

The top parliamentarian described Iran as the biggest power in the region, saying the country's biggest mission is to avoid foreign powers weakening regional countries so that the security and stability will be provided for all of the countries in the region.

Kavakebian also warned that the leadership of some regional countries may decided to back America, and this would be very harmful for those countries.

The Tehran MP also said the key to success of Iran is unity of the Iranian people, both inside and outside the country.

Finally, he appreciated the Iranian nation's presence in the political arena despite the economic pressures they are under, and said the economic situation in the country will improve in due course. 203/ 211 /101


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