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The US uses the sanctions as an instrument to go forward but this policy will fail, said Iran's Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani at a news conference after second challenges of terrorism and inter-regional connectivity conference in Tehran.

Iran news: "All the countries condemned the US sanctions. The US can not go forward in the world using the instrument of sanction," Iran's Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said in response to the question of Iran Press reporter.

Larijani continued, one of the previous designers of US sanctions against Iran talking to a well-known news magazine said, that's completely wrong if US politicians think that they can achieve their goals 100% through imposing severe sanctions, but this action entails a huge loss for the Americans.

Answering another question about Iran-Pakistan negotiations on releasing Iranian boarder guards, Larijani said: "We are pursuing the freedom of the border guards in every way we can", adding: "The footprint (hallmark) of some countries is obvious - they want to disrupt relations between Iran and Pakistan."

Larijani asked for Pakistan intelligence service to be more active saying that Iran has spoken to deputies of different sectors in order to release Iranian board guards and they ultimately vowed to bring this ordeal to an end by freeing the abducted border guards.

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Some powers want to prevent Asia's economic and political development, by spreading war and terrorism in the continent, therefore it was needed for regional countries to gather and examine the causes of Terrorism, and the role played by 'outsiders'  (non-regional countries) in spreading terrorism in Asia.

Larijani added: "All countries emphasised on the necessity of investment and convergence on combating terrorism."

Larijani continued, another remarkable issue that the statement also emphasized on was monetary treaties between the member states because all members are sick and tired of US unilateralism and abuse of the dollar. Interest in banking and finance treaties between regional countries is on the rise."

Second Conference on Combating Terrorism, with top parliamentarians from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, and China taking part, was held in Tehran on Friday and Saturday. 

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