Oct 26, 2018 20:19 Asia/Tehran
  • No difference between pre and post -Trump  Iran:  Ghassemi

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman says there is no difference between pre and post-Trump Iran, but the US president lacks required knowledge and awareness about the Islamic Republic, the Middle East region, its circumstances, history and characteristics of its people, as well as recent regional developments.

Iran press/ Iran news: In an interview with the ISNA news agency, Bahram Ghassemi said known advisors to Donald Trump, irrespective of the American nation's interests, provide false and misleading information they have received from certain terrorist groups to their boss.

According to Iran Press, "Unfortunately, those advisers relied on the information provided by terrorist groups who are interested in engaging the United States in the Middle East, therefore they both damaged the reputation of Trump and destroyed the interests of the American people," said the spokesman.

Referring to the latest anti-Iran remarks Trump made in an interview with the American newspaper Wall Street Journal, Ghassemi said "unfortunately, the president of the United States has become uncomfortably accustomed to saying some recurrent, false and unfounded stories against Iran."

The top diplomat cited Trump's gossips that Iran had been taking over all countries in the region like Syria and Yemen before he came to the White House, saying that "Iran never invaded a country or territory in several hundred years and never eyed one inch of others' soil. Iran had not occupied a place prior to Trump's election as US president to be forced to leave it now following his withdrawal from the JCPOA or change its policies altogether.

Trump's accusations against Iran come at a time when Syrian officials reiterated that the presence of Iranian advisers in Syria is legitimate

Recently Syrian foreign minister Walid al-Moallem said that “the presence of Iranian advisers in Syria is legitimate and came at the request of the Syrian state, contrary to the US presence, which is an aggression against Syria which must leave".

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Qassemi said the impacts of Iran's logical and principled policies on regional affairs are completely transparent, adding that "Iran is undoubtedly the same former country with all its' characteristics, precisely the same country which was before the presidency of Trump, with no changes to its regional policy."

The foreign ministry spokesman stressed that Iran would be pursuing same regional policies as before, the most important of which include the fight against extremism and terrorism, trying to establish peace and security in the region and to help realize growth and development in all Middle Eastern countries.

Bahram Ghassemi also said Iran maintains a presence in Syria at the request of the Syrian government to fight terrorism, provide relief in the country and give advisory help to its military and civil society as well.

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On October 15 ,Bahram Ghassemi also said, Iran's program is the presence of the private sector and industrial and technological enterprises in Syria.


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