Jul 02, 2018 08:43 Asia/Tehran

An Iranian parliamentarian, representing the people of Isfahan in the Majlis (parliament) , has cautioned the Iranian government, saying officials shouldn't be too hopeful about an upcoming package of incentives from the EU.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Sunday, Dr. Kamran Dastgerdi, an Iranian MP representing a constituency in Isfahan, struck a cautious note, suggesting that the European Union's package of incentives for Iran -- meant to make it worthwhile for Iran to remain within the JCPOA  -- may fall short of Iranian expectations.

The Iranian parliamentarian suggested that the benefits on offer form the European Union may not be sufficient to persuade Iran to remain within the nuclear deal ( JCPOA ) . He pointedly added: "Past experience has shown that we shouldn't rely on the Europeans.  Instead, we should rely on our own abilities and resources. We should rely on our own people, who have proved time after time that they support the Islamic Republic and the Islamic revolution; for example in numerous parliamentary, presidential and local elections over the years, World Quds Day rallies and marches, 11th February rallies , etc.

Asked about the current economic difficulties  which the country is going through, Dastgerdi said  some of these difficulties are rooted in the inefficiency and misguided practices of government officials.

Dastgerdi went on to say that gaining people's trust is extremely important , and  officials who have been unable to discharge their duties properly, should be replaced with more competent and worthy officials.