Jun 09, 2018 10:12 Asia/Tehran

Head of Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation said, Today, Israel is weaker than ever and is not safe within its geographical boundaries.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on the occasion of World Quds Day rallies,  Parviz Fattah added:  "Participating in Quds day rally is based on Imam's advice and is an important and essential action."

Fattah also said, the Israeli regime is now besieged by the people and supporters of the resistance. Participating in a Quds Day rally is a sign of resistance.

Fattah added:  "Continuing with this movement will eventually lead to the collapse and destruction of the Israeli regime".

Fattah also said, Israel would lose all its hope, and will be deeply disappointed by the global marches and demonstrations against it.

The International Quds Day is a legacy of the late founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, (may God bless his soul ) who designated the day in solidarity with the Palestinians.