Jul 23, 2018 14:25 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Sep 15, 2019 21:31 Asia/Tehran]
  • Rouhani: Fight US unilateral policy by management

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that we should confront with US unilateral withdrawal from the JCPOA by management and maintaining hope in the future of Iran.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in a meeting with Majlis' Omid Fraction on Monday said: "in the current special situation made because of US unilateral withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), management and maintaining hope in the future of the country is very important and we must try hard to eliminate people's concerns".

Iranian President added that today, cooperation and communication of the government and parliament must be formed to achieve our important goals and organise some issues in the country.

Rouhani stated that to solve people's problems, cooperation and sympathy between the government and the parliament must be strengthened.

Iranian President noted: "Today, our country and people are facing a new situation, which demands more cooperation and sympathy among authorities".

"The government is firmly committed to its' promises during the election campaign and also positive figures in employment and eliminating poverty, increasing non-oil export and government's public income indicate that a great part of these promises has been realised", Rouhani concluded.