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  • Army Cmdr says Iran ready to face threat at every level
    Army Cmdr says Iran ready to face threat at every level

The chief commander of the Army noted that the units had a good test of speed and achievement of combat objectives in drills, saying that Iranian forces are ready for any level of threat the enemy has designed.

Iran Press/Iran news: Major General Abdul Rahim Mousavi said on Wednesday in an unnoticed military drill of Ground Force of the Army in the country's northwest that after the restructuring of the Army's ground force, units of the force have shifted to a rapid reaction force and fast-moving offensive response.

Referring to the unexpected mission of the northwest area units, the commander went on to say that the mission was notified to the units last night and they immediately went into the combat area and good plans were being implemented, Iran Press reported.

Mousavi underlined that Army units are at the height of readiness and any mission assigned to them will undertake as quickly as possible.

"The message of the drill to the enemy is that if they miscalculate the situation, they should know that the forces of this land are ready to stand in full strength at any time and place,” Major General Mousavi noted.

"We are prepared and confront every level of threat the enemy has designed," the chief commander of the army pointed out adding, "We work with the intelligence domination."

Mousavi assessed the readiness of the army units as very desirable and noted: "We are fully prepared to defend the ideals of the Islamic system, the revolution, the country and the defenses of the Iranian border."


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