Jun 29, 2020 20:14 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jun 29, 2020 20:38 Asia/Tehran]
  • Pres. Rouhani: Cyberspace plays effective role in countering COVID-19

Tehran (IP) - Iranian President said the use of cyberspace in various areas, including the screening process and education of schools and universities, has been effective in implementing social distancing plan and countering the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking on Monday at the first meeting of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace in the current Persian year and after the outbreak of coronavirus, President Hassan Rouhani appreciated the efforts of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the National Center for Cyberspace, and other agencies such as the Ministry of Health and Education for providing valuable services to the people and the society during the days of coronavirus outbreak.

Rouhani noted that the government has always emphasized creating and accessing a secure and cheap national information network stressing the continuation of work in this direction.


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