Jun 02, 2020 21:06 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jul 13, 2020 14:54 Asia/Tehran]
  • Iran Foreign Ministry: The US regime to intimidate & silence reporters

Tehran (IP) - Reacting to the crackdown on protesters against the killing of a black American citizen, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said that the US regime was trying to intimidate and silence journalists who were covering the protests over the murder of George Floyd.

Iran Press/Iran News: Iran's Ministry of Foreign affairs in its latest tweet released on Tuesday said that US police have reportedly attacked journalists more than 100 times."

Iran's diplomatic apparatus also reiterated that " The US regime attempts to intimidate & silence reporters who cover #GeorgeFloydProtests. Hidden in a bunker, the US president wants media away while he tries to 'dominate' the protesters."

Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted on Tuesday: "US cities are scenes of brutality against protesters and press, as military crackdown is threatened."

Referring to the silence of Western society toward the recent tragedy in the US against the colored people, Iran's Foreign Minister added: "If it wants to keep lips sealed now, it should always keep them that way."

The protests throughout the US began after a black man named George Floyd died after a police officer arrested him and pressed his knee onto his neck. Floyd died by homicide, according to the results of two autopsies released on Monday one by the county medical examiner and the other by independent pathologists commissioned by Floyd's family.

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