Dec 15, 2019 23:08 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Dec 16, 2019 22:39 Asia/Tehran]
  • 1st Iranian oil innovation event to begin Monday, Dec. 16
    1st Iranian oil innovation event to begin Monday, Dec. 16

Tehran (IP) - The first Iranian Oil Ministry's innovation event, 'Petroleum Takeoff', focusing on identifying technology areas in supply and demand, will be inaugurated in Tehran on Monday, December 16, with the participation of oil and gas, and petrochemical companies.

Iran Press/Middle East: The event will be held to develop, learn, streamlining, selecting and creating opportunities in collaboration with the Oil Industry Research Institute.

According to Director General of Oil Ministry’s Research Affairs Department Mehdi Ahmad Khanbeigi, the event aims to address various challenges and innovative requirements in Iran’s oil industry.

The event consists of four main sections and one side event including a technology supply exhibition (attended by knowledge-based and startup companies), a technology demand exhibition (attended by oil ministry’s subsidiaries), the "every challenge-a solution" event (attended by startup groups and scholars), a university student event called “Petro-test”, and a technology tour attended by senior executives from the oil industry operations.


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