Dec 03, 2019 17:40 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jul 13, 2020 14:54 Asia/Tehran]
  • Iran Intelligence Ministry shatters Counter-Revolutionary Network
    Iran Intelligence Ministry shatters Counter-Revolutionary Network

Iran's Ministry of Intelligence announced on Tuesday that an anti-Islamic Revolution network was identified and its main members were arrested.

Iran Press/Iran news: Ministry of Intelligence said that the group had planned to sabotage the ceremonies of the National University Student Day on December 7 at the University of Tehran and some other places in other cities. 

The ringleaders intended to provoke a protest at the University of Tehran on Student Day and create insecurity under the pretext of recent protests over gasoline prices. However, the network’s plot was thwarted thanks to the vigilance of students and relevant institutions, Iran Press reported.

The Ministry said in a statement said that in the recent protests for the fuel price hike, the gang tried to stir up unrest in the university campus which was neutralized by the students.

The statement added that some people with connections to the group have been identified. Further information will be made public after the legal measures are taken, it said.205/219

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