Nov 20, 2019 15:29 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 06, 2020 14:46 Asia/Tehran]

Kermanshah (IP) - A number of public and private places and properties were set on fire in the wake of recent riots in Kermanshah city in western Iran.

Iran PressIran news: Two gas stations in the Dowlatabad district and several bank branches were destroyed by insurgents in the other neighborhood.

Major General Bahman Reihani, a military commander in Kermanshah province, announced the arrest of the leader of the recent riots and said: "Some people destroyed public properties and imposed heavy costs on the province, they were not real protesters, as soon as the real protesters got the rioters' real intentions, evacuated the streets," Iran Press reported.

During the recent days, some of the Iranian cities have witnessed protests rise in gasoline price, but some saboteurs and rioters attacked public places and destroyed some of the people's property.

The government decided on Friday to cut gas subsidies to fund support for the poor. Gasoline in Iran still remains among the cheapest in the world, despite prices jumping 50%.


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