Nov 04, 2019 22:54 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Dec 28, 2019 15:40 Asia/Tehran]

IP- Tehran: Nicaragua's ambassador to Iran has said US imperialism is tantamount to terrorism because all the activities that US imperialists are undertaking amount to terrorizing other countries.

Iran PressIran news: The ambassador, Mario Barquero Baltodano, in an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Monday compared imperialism with terrorism, saying, "Any kind of imperialism, especially today's imperialism, is the same as US imperialism. It is tantamount to terrorism because all the activities that imperialism is fulfilling, is to terrorize countries around the world, and also threatening people around the world. So that's why I am saying imperialism and terrorism are equal. They both harm people. They are as bad as each other."

He further added: "I think all countries that have the principle of peace, brotherhood, and solidarity should unite and we will unite through multilateralism and I think that is the main force to struggle against imperialism and to stop the aggressive attitude of imperialism towards the world and peaceful countries."