Oct 13, 2019 15:44 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Dec 28, 2019 15:40 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan held a press conference on Sunday evening.

Iran Press/ Iran News: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in his Press Conference with Imran Khan noted: "In our meeting today we emphasized on the bilateral issues and the necessity of expanding bilateral trade and economic relations between the two countries."

Rouhani added: "We also discussed and emphasized the security in the borders between the two countries and the activation of border markets in the two countries," Iran Press reported.

Iranian President said: "Iran and Pakistan are friendly and neighbor countries that are enjoying deep strategic relations and in our meeting today we emphasized the continuation of such deep strategic relations."

He went on to add: "We also discussed and reviewed recent developments related to the Middle East region and particularly the Persian Gulf  and Sea of Oman as we believe that the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman are very critical regions and we also emphasized on the strengthening of stability, and more peace in the region." 

Rouhani also highlighted the country's concerns about the developments of the oil tankers, particularly the Iranian oil tanker which was attacked in the Red Sea on Friday, saying: "That a country thinks that it can create insecurity and instability in our region and do not receive a proper response, it is a wrong approach."

"Mr. Prime Minister had some points with the security of the Persian Gulf region and we do approve them. The official also emphasized that the key to the settlement of the issues in the region is to terminate the war on Yemen, and to declare an immediate ceasefire and also to deliver humanitarian assistance to the people of Yemen," Iranian President noted. 

He also stated that the meeting could be the beginning of more developments in the region and the two countries emphasized that regional issues could only be resolved through dialogues, adding: "We also emphasized to Mr. Prime Minister that any goodwill gesture and good words will be responded by goodwill gesture and good words. 

The president referred to the cruel US sanctions against the Iranian people among topics in his talks with Imran Khan, stating: "These sanctions are an example of economic terrorism. We discussed how the JCPOA could revert to its former routine and that this important agreement is fully operational and enforceable."

Rouhani pointed out that the key point in our discussion was for the United States to return to the JCPOA for resolving the issue and remove sanctions.

He added: "We told Mr. Prime Minister that we will accept his efforts and goodwill for the region and we will help him the peace and stability to restore to our sensitive area."


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