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  • Iranian Pres. visit to Turkey; important step in trilateral meetings on Syrian crisis
    Iranian Pres. visit to Turkey; important step in trilateral meetings on Syrian crisis

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is departing for Ankara to attend a trilateral summit of Iran, Russia, and Turkey on Sunday.

Iran Press/Commentary: The fifth round of the trilateral summit of Iran, Russia, and Turkey will be held on Monday, in the course of consultations between the three countries for resolving the Syrian crisis under the framework of the Astana process.

Now the situation in Syria has changed militarily, as well as within the Syrian-Syrian negotiations, and the US has to accept the facts in the ground.

By imposing war on Syria, the United States sought to break up the country and defeat the Axis of Resistance. The United States, with the support of ISIS and other terrorist groups, made Syria and Iraq the center of activities of terrorist groups.

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These moves jeopardized regional security while Israel, exploiting existing conditions, was planning to implement a new round of regional breakdown. But now, as the fire of war in Syria subsided, America, Israel, and their regional partners know that the return of stability to Syria means that their strategic goals in the region have definitely been defeated.

The engagement of the three countries has played a decisive role in the fight against terrorism, in particular countering the Takfiri-terrorist group ISIS, creating conflict-free zones and return of Syrian refugees to their homes. Therefore, the impact of the trilateral meetings in restoring peace and stability to Syria is undeniable.

Vladimir Putin (C), Hassan Rouhani (L) and Recep Tayyip Erdogan(R)

In the current situation, the power equation in the region has changed in favor of the resistance front, and the situation in Syria is on the path of stability.

In this process, cooperation between Iran, Turkey, and Russia is of strategic importance.

Although Iran, Russia, and Turkey are three countries with different positions in the region and the international system, each has shown a shared understanding of meeting the regional and international interests.

Infographic: Iran, Russia and Turkey trilateral summit on Syria

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Infographic: Iran, Russia and Turkey's trilateral summit on Syria

The important point in the trilateral meetings is to continue the dialogue in the context of common regional goals.

Syria, meanwhile, has gone through a difficult path to stabilize and confront the terrorists and sworn enemies of the resistance movement but needs more support until it fully achieves all military and political goals and rebuilds the destructions of war.

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The fifth round of the trilateral summit of Iran, Russia, and Turkey in Ankara is another important step to be taken to resolve the Syrian crisis.

The successful experience of the Iran-Russia-Turkey tripartite cooperation has in fact exposed regional capacities to maintain stability and has shown that the countries of the region can achieve a consensus and this is a significant achievement for all countries in the region.

In the view of independent political observers, joint meetings of the presidents of the three countries guaranteeing the "Astana" process, in addition to helping resolve the Syrian crisis, guarantees regional interest.

Therefore, as stability and security in Syria require continued joint regional efforts, the trilateral consultations and decisions of the Ankara summit will certainly contribute to enhancing regional security and stability.


Written by Hamed Shahbazi

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