Nov 21, 2019 15:58 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jul 13, 2020 14:54 Asia/Tehran]

 Iran's Minister of Energy arrived in Moscow on Thursday to participate in the Iran-Russia Joint Commission on Economic and Trade Cooperation and pursuing a $ 5 billion Russian government loan.

Iran Press/Europe: Reza Ardakanian as the Iranian head of Iran-Russia Joint Commission on Economic and Trade Cooperation is scheduled to hold a meeting with his Russian counterpart Alexander Novak who is also the Russian head of the commission.

As it had been scheduled before, the agreed items during the 15th edition of Iran-Russia joint commission summit in the different fields of agriculture, banking, energy, industry and technical affairs by the members of the Iranian delegation as well as their Russian counterparts will be discussed and the degree of their implementation would be decided,, Iran Press reported.

Ardakanian told reporters yesterday that the visit was aimed at pursuing a $ 5 billion Russian government loan.

Ministers of Energy of Iran and Russian, as chairmen of the two countries' joint commission on economic and trade cooperation on 8 November, discussed the development of economic cooperation and investment in a telephone call.

On Nov 13, in an exclusive interview with Iran press, Reza Ardakanian referred to the recent telephone conversation with the Russian minister of energy, by saying that the talk was about collaboration projects between Iran and Russia.

"In addition to these two major projects, we are working closely with the Russian Federation on completion of the governmental loan in the capacity of 5 billion US dollars," Ardakanian added.205

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