Iran's Minister of Interior said that distribution of relief to the flood-stricken people of Lorestan province should be accelerated.

IranPress/Iran news: Visiting the flood-hit cities of 'Poldokhtar' and 'Mamulan' in Lorestan province on Friday, Interior Minister Abdul Reza Rahmani Fazli said: "The first stage was controlling the flood which has been accomplished and the second phase is to provide assistance and service to the flood victims, such as accommodation, food, water, and recovery, which needs to be done quickly, Iran Press reported.

Talking to IRIB News Agency, Rahmani Fazli pointed to the vast dimension and volume of the damage to Poldokhtar and Mamulan cities, particularly the roads and bridges which have been washed away by the floods.

He added: "Rebuilding the cities would be a difficult job which needs serious work from all officials."

"During the last meeting with the governor of Lorestan, we have divided the tasks to accelerate provision of relief, assistance, and services to the people," Iran Interior Minister stated.

Floods have afflicted at least 26 of Iran’s 31 provinces over the past two weeks, states of emergency have been declared in several provinces and tens of thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes.   208/211/104

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