Both the government and the opposition in Venezuela are eager to have U.N. presence during the May 20 elections.

“Anyone that wants to come to Venezuela's elections should come to learn how elections are done in a real democracy,” said Communications and Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez during an interview with Venevision Sunday night.

“In Venezuela we hold 13 audits before the elections, and that's evidence of the transparency of our Venezuelan electoral system.” Rodriguez said that both President Nicolas Maduro and the opposition hope there's a visiting U.N. mission during the elections.

“The elections in Venezuela are thoroughly accompanied by electoral experts," Rodriguez said.

Presidential candidate Henri Falcon recently visited New York and met with U.N. political affairs chief Jeffrey Feltman, other high ranking officials and Venezuela's Ambassador to the U.N. Samuel Moncada, to promote a visit of an observation mission.

Jose Luis Diaz, a spokesman for U.N. political affairs, said Tuesday: "The U.N. Secretary General is considering a request from the Venezuelan government for the accompanying of the electoral process in the run-up to presidential polls set for 20 May."

Maduro, the 55-year-old president who came to power after the late Hugo Chavez in 2013, says the right-wing opposition is incited by the United States to topple his socialist government, hobble the country’s economy, and plunder its oil wealth.