The Director General of IRIB, Dr. Abdulali Ali Asgari, has said a key confrontation in today's world, is the confrontation between media.

Iran news: In a speech to participants at the National Congress on surveying studies and opinion polls in Iran, Dr. Abdulali Ali Asgari said: "Research into public opinion is very important and a global priority. IRIB deals with public opinion here in Iran, and public opinion in other countries, and its survive depends on continuing engagement and interaction with audiences at home and abroad", Iran Press reported.

Ali Asgari  added: "A key confrontation in today's world is the confrontation between media. It is extremely important to know your rivals - the strengths and weaknesses of other media."


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The Director General of IRIB went on to describe a fully-fledged cultural battle between the Islamic Republic and the enemies, saying: "This battle is based on public opinion and the enemies put in a lot of effort, and spend lots of money to sway public opinion here in Iran to reach their goals. Thus, in effect, this is a cultural-identity war, and it is security-related. In effect, they are trying to influence our culture and identity, and this is related to our security as well."

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Dr. Ali Asgari mentioned research as the main basis for most IRIB programs which go on air, and reiterated: "Most IRIB programs are based on research and receive funding for that".

Saying that today, humanity has reached a peak of knowledge which is unprecedented in human history, Dr. Ali Asgari  reiterated: " Anyone who wants to work in the media, and be influential in the media, should be well-informed and at the peak of his or her knowledge, and the most important place in this regard is the Media Research Centre".

Researchers such as  Dr. Faramarz Rafie'pour and Dr. Morteza Katbi with more than 50 years of research experience, were honored in today's Congress, with certificates of appreciation awarded to them.

At the end, four books published by the IRIB Media Research Centre, namely "Road map", " Forty Houses of Revolution", "Presentation of Iran (Iran Nama)" and "A  Survey of 2016 Iranian presidential election" were unveiled.  104/ 211 /207

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