Eastern Azerbaijan (IP) - In recent days two earthquakes occurred in Eastern Azerbaijan, northwest of Iran, which made the people worry about the activation of 'the most lethal earthquake fault in Iran'.

Iran PressIran news: In an interview with Iran Press, university professor Kamran Rahmati said the recent earthquakes showed that Tabriz big fault was activated.

Tabriz fault is one of the most active and oldest faults in Iran, which is located 150 km west of Tabriz, the capital of Eastern Azerbaijan, in the Mishu Mountains and extends to the east of the city, Bostanabad. 

"Basically, earthquakes below 5 magnitudes in Richter were not considered as severe earthquakes," Rahmati said, adding that more than 6,000 earthquakes below 5 Richter were occurring annually in the world, which did not cause any damage.

The repetition of the earthquakes was on the one hand beneficial because they cause the energy of the fault to be emptied and an earthquake would be prevented; and on the other hand, the occurrence of such small earthquakes in Tabriz fault loomed large the occurrence of the next intense jolt caused by the interruption of the layers beneath the earth. 

Since many years ago, large-scale deadly earthquakes have occurred in Tabriz.

One of the most important historical earthquakes in Tabriz and probably the most destructive urban earthquake in Iran throughout history occurred in January 1780 in Tabriz with 7.7 magnitudes in Richter.

The earthquake destroyed most of the whole city, leaving 400 villages devastated. 


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