Tehran (IP)- 7 Candidates of the 13th Presidential Election in Iran delivered their speeches in the presence of the media reporters before the 3rd and last televised debate

Iran PressIran News: The third and final televised debate of the 7 candidates of the 13th Presidential Election in Iran will be televised on national tv.

Seven candidates of Iran's 13th Presidential Election have three hours to answer questions about "people's concerns." The 13th Presidential Election will be held on June 18, 2021, across Iran.

While arriving at the studio of national tv, presidential hopeful Alireza Zakani said: "I will be among the people to listen to their concerns.”

Officials' stay in their posts is related to the people's satisfaction, Zakani stated, noting that some officials pursued their own interests in the people's name. Those who were ignoring the people’s rights should be dealt with.   

The candidate for the 13th Presidential Election added that he would consider himself "the voice of the oppressed and deprived" in the country and would not allow some to deceive the people.

Participating in the third election debate, another candidate for Iran's 13th Presidential Election, Mohsen Rezaei said that women comprised 50% of the country's population, but 13% had various economic sectors.

Rezaei stated that in the "Action and Transformation" government, there is a comprehensive plan for women in the country. 

The "Action and Transformation" government starts from home to elevate the position of women to participate in business, sports, and administration.

The candidate of the 13th Presidential Election in Iran stated: "People's problems cannot be addressed with slogans and promises, and my administration is operational."

Participating in the third Presidential Election debate on Saturday evening, Ebrahim Raisi talked about the ways to hear the concerns of the people, noting that he was among people and listened to them. He said that one of the first criteria of responsibility in the Islamic Republic of Iran system was communication with people.

Raisi stressed that he had selected managers to run the country with some important characteristics: "They should be people-oriented and against corruption, have a revolutionary spirit and believe in the slogan 'we can'."

Another candidate of the 13th Presidential Election in Iran, Mohsen Mehralizadeh, also told reporters that the people’s concerns become apparent when the government provides opportunities for the people's voice without any censorship.

Mehr Alizadeh stressed that the concerns would be identified, providing transparency and the people's demands were published in the media. 

Another candidate of Iran's 13th Presidential Election, Abdul Nasser Hemmati told reporters on Saturday evening that the president should be among the people and listen to their concerns closely during the third election debate.

Hemmati stated that the distance between the president, the government, and the people should be minimized.

The candidate for the 13th presidential election, Amir-Hossein Ghazizadeh Hashemi said: "Prolonging negotiations is the business of America because it wants to have the upper hand, and it is only the language of authority which works dealing with such problems."

He added: "It is impossible to understand such problems without contacting people. Working with people is essential for success in the Islamic Republic of Iran." 

He also mentioned that the negotiations for the revival of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in Vienna and the implementation of any international treaty would continue, but the economic interests of the Iranian people must be secured through the JCPOA."

Ghazizadeh Hashemi stated that the Americans want to have the upper hand in the negotiations and that the "Salam government" will finalize the negotiations in favor of the Iranian people. 

Another candidate for the 13th Presidential Election in Iran, Saeed Jalili said: "We must be among people in order to understand their problems."


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