April 21, as Sa’adi Shirazi's birthday is registered in the Iranian calendar, Sa'adi's commemoration day.

Iran Press/Iran news: Sa'adi, an Iranian poet and writer, lived in the seventh century, AH, and this famous poet was nicknamed "the Master of Speech."

Two valuable books were Sa'adi Bustan (The Orchard), completed in 1257 and Gulistan (The Flower Garden) in 1258.

The two books result from the poet's knowledge of man and his travels to different parts of the world. The Master of Speech had traveled to most Islamic countries, to Balkh, Ghazni and India.

Sa'adi then went to Yemen and other Arab countries, and after returning to Shiraz, he wrote about his experiences and wrote his most beautiful and delicate poems in the Bustan.

Sa'adi's relics have met with success worldwide, and the reason for this success and global pervasiveness has been the deep understanding of the famous Iranian poet of man and humanity.

Sa'adi Shirazi was a master of lyric poetry, and in his poems, he used the most subtle meanings to the simplest words. This great Iranian poet and sage was also unique in wisdom and preaching, and bringing proverbs and wisdom.


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