On November 2, three terrorists entered Kabul University, exploding a bomb and opening fire on a number of the students. The terrorist attack killed 22 students and injured 40 others.

Iran PressAsia: A mobile phone then was found among the bodies of the victims, which showed a father had called his daughter 142 times, and because he had received no answer, he texted: "Where are you, daddy's dear?"

Therefore, and in sympathy with the Afghan nation and family of the victims, lighting on the Azadi Tower of Tehran was performed in the presence of Afghanistan's ambassador to Iran Abdul Ghafoor Liwal. The screening of the Afghan flag and images with the hashtag "Where are you, daddy's soul?" was part of the lighting ceremony that was performed on Tehran's Azadi Tower.

The terrorist attack on Kabul University once again warned the people of Afghanistan and the region that terrorism is a potential threat to the region and the world, Afghanistan's ambassador to Iran Abdul Ghafoor Liwal said.

Officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran, including the Parliament Speaker and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Science, Research and Technology and the President of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature of Iran, condemned the terrorist attack on Kabul University and the assassination of defenseless people who take a step to promote though. 

They stressed destroying the roots of terrorism in the region as the remedy and solution.  

Iran's policy in dealing with its neighbors, especially Afghanistan, is based on political stability and economic development, as Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif referred in his tweet to the defeat of Donald Trump in the US presidential election: "Trump's gone in 70 days But we'll remain here forever".


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