September 30 has been named in the calendar of the Islamic Republic of Iran as the day of solidarity with Palestinian teenagers and children due to the martyrdom of "Mohammad al-Durrah", a Palestinian teenager.

Iran Press/Iran news: On September 30, 2000, (9th of Mehr in Iranian calendar) in the early days of the second intifada (the Al-Aqsa Intifada), a picture of 12-year-old Mohammed al-Durrah was broadcast on television, hiding behind his father to escape the bullets fired by the Israel military. The shocking incident, which was recorded and broadcasted by French television, ended with the martyrdom of this child.

The teenager was martyred when he was shot in the head by Israeli snipers with the aim of killing him, and this incident caused the media to cover every aspect of this incident in the world. The martyrdom that made Muhammad al-Durrah a symbol of resistance and the day of innocent Palestinian children.

The Israel regime does not refrain from any crime against the Palestinians and groups. Palestinian children are not safe from the organized crimes of the Israel regime.


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