Tehran (IP): Representative of Hamas movement, Khaled Ghodomi said the Zionist regime is in grappling with sensitive period challenges that divide right and wrong.

Iran PressMiddle East: Delivering a speech in the conference held on normalizing relations of some Arab countries with the Zionist Regime, Khaled Ghodomi said that the first step at this time understanding of what goes on and believes that these agreements are betraying religious believes and Islamic values.

The agreement does not benefit the Palestinian cause, he highlighted.

Normalizing ties with the Zionist Regime creates instability and tension in the region and targets the axis of resistance, the official stressed.

Several steps must be taken at this time, empowering Palestinian, developing a common strategy at different levels, punishing those who have normalized relations with the Zionist Regime, and highlighting the role of Scholars and clerics to declare their opposition on normalizing ties with the Zionist Regime.

According to the divine promise, victory belongs to those believers, Khaled Ghodomi concluded.


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