Tehran (IP) - Iran's Deputy Interior Minister Hossein Zolfaghari stated Iran does not hesitate in dealing with terrorist elements in the region who seek to disrupt friendly relations between Tehran and Ankara.

Iran PressIran News: In a phone conversation, Zolfaghari spoke with his Turkish counterpart Muhterem İnce, about the latest developments in the region.

The Iranian official stated: "We need to strengthen cooperation to combat all factors disrupting order and security on the border between Iran and Turkey."

Zolfaghari stated that the close cooperation between Iran and Turkey will prevent terrorists from disrupting peace between the two countries.

He announced that the security and military authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a clear message to all criminals who act against the security and interests of the two nations.

The official explained that the two countries need to strengthen bilateral cooperation and define a participatory mechanism to combat all factors that disrupt order and security along the common border.

Emphasizing that the Islamic Republic of Iran does not appease in monitoring the common border points and confronting terrorist elements in the region who seek to disrupt friendly relations between the two countries, he added: "We assure our friendly and brotherly neighbor Turkey that we are serious in the fight against terrorism, organized crime, arms and ammunition smuggling, and human trafficking."

Deputy Minister of Interior of the Republic of Turkey also thanked the recent military operations of the Islamic Republic of Iran against the positions of terrorist groups and expressed: "I hope that the continuation of such operations will thwart the goal of the hostile governments in destabilizing the region and destroying the relationship between the two countries by using the tools of dissident and terrorist groups."

Referring to the problems caused by the suspension of direct flights between the two countries, Zolfaghari called on Turkish friends to provide maximum consular assistance to resume flights.

İnce also promised to raise the issue of flights between the two countries at a meeting of the Turkish National Health Council.


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